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Running/Flying Cycle

“…And Ailsa was walking on the water.  She was walking, she was running, she was skimming the surface like a seagull….”

I am taking part in Illustration Lab this year.  The course is organised by Scottish Booktrust and lead by Vivian French.  It has been a delightful and valuable experience.  I’ve learned loads about the publishing industry and got to meet Val Brathwaite from Bloomsbury Publishing, Catherine Rayner and even Nick Sharratt!

We were given a task to illustrate an extract from a book. I got really inspired and decided to create a tiny animation on top of my illustration piece.  I have created some beautiful textures of the sea, experimenting with sea salt, paint and soap, and animated the ocean and a magical run/fly cycle and  to add some life to my illustration task.

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