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I am putting together a new website and I thought of adding some client testimonials.  I wish I had done this already.  I got some most beautiful responses:

‘I have worked with Marta Mackova on several occasions. I initially commissioned her to create  a short animation for my theatre production ‘RoadKill’ which featured the incredibly difficult subject matter of  a young girl being raped from her own perspective. This was a seminal moment in the production, and audiences all over the world  (London, Paris, Chicago, NY) never failed to be shocked, moved and unbelievably affected by it. Marta created work which was sensitive, inventive, deeply empathetic to the demands I placed on her. She has since created my company logo and a cover for a cd of music I produced. Each time her work has had an authentic originality, charm, and sensitivity to the subject it depicts. I love working with Marta.’

Cora Bissett, Theatre Director; Pachamama Productions;  Associate Director, National Theatre of Scotland

Marta is such a sensitive artist and I love her unique images and use of colour. Her innovation and creativity in adding beauty and energy to The Leadership Game© (A pragmatic Board Game for educating people on Leadership skills and behaviours) was thrilling for us as the creators of the Game to witness and we consider ourselves really fortunate to have ‘discovered’ Marta. She is also a super person who listens intently to the brief and pours all of her passion and talent  into getting it right.’

Tom Brown, Training Concepts Ltd. 

Thank you, Cora and Tom!

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