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Author: Marta

I had a lovely task on the Edinburgh Montessori Arts School promotional videos – bringing a boy’s drawing to life with animation and compositing it into live action footage. It’s called magic.



I was working closely with Film by Numbers to create animated graphics and opening sequences for promotional videos for Edinburgh Montessori Arts School.  These videos explain the school’s philosophy and teaching principles and celebrate their community.  The animation and choice of materials should add lightness and sensory feel to the videos.  It has been a truly enjoyable experience.

opening-sequence-made-with-paintanimating graphics using variety of materialsanimating-with-natural-materials-01


I have been animating lots of information graphics this year.  They somehow didn’t seem to sit nicely with my previous animation work and so I created a separate showreel to let them glow on their own.

I was also wanting to say thanks to Kevin MacLeod for his amazing music I always use for my animation.  Kevin gives his fantastic music out for free on his site

The next thank you is to Tsohost that helped me to speed up my website that used to take an absolute ages to load and is now really pleasant to use.


What a busy summer!  It has been packed with beautiful animation projects.  We are about to complete a promotional video for Edinburgh Montessori Arts School and make some tweaks to a motion graphics overview for HUB South East Scotland.  I cannot wait to upload the finished pieces, but for now there is a behind the scenes photo from a stop motion animation of Edinburgh Montessori Arts School logo.

We have been very busy creating animation and video projection artwork for Catrin Evan’s new theatre piece Endurance.  Endurance celebrates female athletes that have been competing in the Commonwealth Games.   The play is on at the Arches during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the opening night is on Thursday the 24th, which is tomorrow!   If you are up in Glasgow to watch the Games please come along and enjoy the show.

Well done to Film by Numbers on the lovely trailer.  This way I would also like to apologise to the Wester Hailes Sports Centre for having to cover the professional diver that couldn’t make it on the day of the trailer shoot myself and for any disappointment this might have caused.

Welcome to my new site!  Welcome to my new blog!  It is so lovely having you here!

I used to post my news on Blogger, where I settled and created a cosy blog about my animation, work in progress,  inspiration  and  other treasure.  I needed a new website and it felt right to include a blog.  I brought a few old posts with me to keep the continuity.  It is a real fresh start and I am truly excited about it!

I am putting together a new website and I thought of adding some client testimonials.  I wish I had done this already.  I got some most beautiful responses:

‘I have worked with Marta Mackova on several occasions. I initially commissioned her to create  a short animation for my theatre production ‘RoadKill’ which featured the incredibly difficult subject matter of  a young girl being raped from her own perspective. This was a seminal moment in the production, and audiences all over the world  (London, Paris, Chicago, NY) never failed to be shocked, moved and unbelievably affected by it. Marta created work which was sensitive, inventive, deeply empathetic to the demands I placed on her. She has since created my company logo and a cover for a cd of music I produced. Each time her work has had an authentic originality, charm, and sensitivity to the subject it depicts. I love working with Marta.’

Cora Bissett, Theatre Director; Pachamama Productions;  Associate Director, National Theatre of Scotland

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And that’s the Illustration Lab over.  I will really miss it!  It has been such a great experience.Continue Reading..

“…And Ailsa was walking on the water.  She was walking, she was running, she was skimming the surface like a seagull….”

I am taking part in Illustration Lab this year.  The course is organised by Scottish Booktrust and lead by Vivian French. Continue Reading..

I have worked with Film By Numbers to create animation and video projection sequences for Vanessa Coffey and Joshua Payne’s new theatre piece Mirror Mirror.

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